Organize Your Garage With These 10 Tips

The garage is a catchall for all the things we don’t want to bring into the house. Screwdrivers, rakes, soccer balls, and an array of other household items are stored here, usually in a disorganized fashion. Getting your garage organized and keeping it that way can be a challenge, but these 10 garage improvement ideas make cleaning up much easier.


Garage Improvement Ideas

  1. Clean out the garage

Throwing away or donating things you don’t use anymore is the best way to clear clutter from the garage. Donate any sports equipment your kids don’t use anymore or dispose of things like expired paint and household cleaners. Make sure to read up on how to safely dispose of any hazardous waste.

  1. Get everything up on the walls

Garage walls typically have a lot of unused space, while most items lay on the floor. Mounting shelving, pegboards, bicycles, and tools to the walls frees up a lot of space for organization. Plus, maybe you’ll actually be able to get your car into the garage this way.

  1. Use the ceilings

Just like you can mount things to the wall, you can anchor additional storage to the ceiling. Think of it like an attic for your garage where you can store plastic bins, ladders, or bikes. The Family Handyman has great DIY instructions for suspending shelving.

  1. Buy bins and label them

Now that you have shelving built up along the walls and ceiling, there is space to start organizing all of the odds and ends. Clear plastic bins are great because you can see what’s stored inside. It’s still best to label each bin for quick access.

  1. Hang the small (or big) things

If there are small tools you grab frequently or big tools that don’t fit inside the plastic bins, hang them up in a designated work area. This can be done with pegboard, slat walls, or a magnetic strip. Now, everything still has its place, but it remains accessible.

  1. Use the high low method

If you have large shelving units built into the walls, use the high low method to stay organized. Place items or bins that you don’t need to get into frequently on higher shelves. Place the things you need on a regular basis on the lower shelves. This saves a lot of stress getting things down and putting them back up.

  1. Keep certain items by the door

If you store household products like cleaners or brooms in the garage, keep these things closer to the door into your house. This saves you a lot of time trekking out into the garage to get what you need and it guarantees that you’re more likely to put it back where it goes.

  1. Store similar items in the same place

Give everything in the garage a designated space and store similar items next to each other. This means, keep your Christmas decorations next to the summer ones, the soccer balls next to the basketballs, and the rakes next to the shovels. This eliminates searching and saves a lot of time.

  1. Give everyone a designated place

Much like items have designated places, each member of the family should have a place in the garage where their items are stored. This could be a shelf, a cubby, or a hook. This encourages accountability and reminds everyone to put their things back where they belong.

  1. Keep a trashcan on hand

The best way to immediately clear trash from the garage is to keep a trash barrel in the garage. This also gives you a great spot to unload junk from inside your car so it doesn’t end up on the garage floor. Keeping the small unnecessary clutter at bay makes it easier to maintain an organized garage.

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