Kids Bathroom Ideas

Decorating your home is such a fun activity! That is, until you start thinking about how to make it look great for everyone living there. Your home is for your whole family, whatever stage of life they’re in. That means kids should be thought of as well, especially when it comes to the bathroom.


Kids’ bathrooms can be a little tricky because you want it to be very functional, useful for small and growing kids, yet easy to clean and adult-friendly as well. How can you accomplish all of this in one bathroom?

Bathrooms for Kids

Check out some of these tips and see if you can get a few inspiring kids bathroom ideas out of this list:

  1. Creative accessories

If there’s one way to easily customize your kids’ bathroom to their liking, it’s by getting their favorite designs on small accessories like toothpaste, toothbrushes, towel racks, towels, and other similarly inexpensive accessories. These things can be swapped out easily when the kids outgrow them, but they will love them while they last!

  1. Bold color schemes

You don’t have to shy away from bold colors when you’re painting for kids. Whether you choose bright orange and teal or green with blue stripes they will probably love you for it. Colors make any place more interesting, so they will help your kids to like the room a lot more than they would otherwise. If they have a color scheme going on in their rooms already, you might just continue that in the bathroom as well.

  1. Don’t go overboard with a theme

It’s great to decorate the bathroom with a theme, but try to limit it to only a few things at once. If frogs are your theme you don’t need frog wallpaper, shower curtains, soap dispensers, toilet covers, etc. Pick one large thing and a few small things for the best effect.

  1. If you have to get crazy, go for a crazy shower curtain

Speaking of themes… If you really want to go big on your theme, do it with a shower curtain. These come in all sorts of wacky designs and can be changed out within minutes when your kids feel like they’ve outgrown the designs. They may love a power rangers theme at 8, but when they turn 13 it’ll be something else entirely.

  1. Consider safety features

Younger kids need a few things around the bathroom to help them stay safe when there’s water they can slip on. This includes shower mats, floor mats, bathtub faucet covers, toilet top locks, and the like. There are many age appropriate safety items for kids’ bathrooms.

  1. Think temporary designs

Whatever you do, don’t do anything too big. Remodeling and huge decorating projects are not a great idea for a children’s bathroom. Kids grow up sooner or later and will have changing tastes as they do. Stick to temporary things that can easily be changed, such as paint and accessories.





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