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Important Considerations to Make when Installing Gutters

Installation of gutters is a delicate process since if it is not done correctly can be dangerous to the health of your home. Poorly installed gutter system can be the primary source of water overflow that can damage the foundation of your house and result in leaky basements. Besides, gutter overflow can cause erosion on your esteemed landscape and it might cost you a fortune to repair the damage. There are a number of factors that need to be put into consideration when you are about to install gutters on your house.



Brackets help in keeping the gutter in place. Among the issues to be considered in gutter installation, bracket spacing should be given the foremost priority because wrong spacing can be detrimental to the functioning and overall health of the gutter.

It is advisable to use spacing of 90cm at most. If you have a professional working on the installation, then the spacing should not be problem. However, if it is a DIY project, and you are not sure of the spacing, make sure that you space them closely than vice versa. Seams are the most vulnerable part of segmented gutters. As you are placing the brackets foremost consideration should be given to the seams by placing the brackets nearer to them.


Gutter types

There are a number of types of gutters out in the market. They can be categorized according to the material and the shape. The best type of gutter is the K-style gutter as it is durable and has the best capacity in terms of drainage. When it comes to materials aluminum is the best choice because it is affordable and durable. Thicker gutters are also better. The standard gauge is 26 but if you want better performance settle for 32 gauge.

However, you can choose your preferred type of gutters. The most important thing is ensuring that the type of gutters you choose can be installed perfectly, are durable, and are compatible with your house roofing.


Down spouts and gutter pitching

Downspouts need to be placed in strategic locations to avoid water stagnation and roof damage. Pitching should also be done correctly. If it is too shallow drainage will not be fast enough and if it is too deep you risk discoloring your walls and the gutters as well.

Note that mistakes in the gutter installation process can translate to real problems when it comes to gutter maintenance and cleaning.

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