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7 Home Hacks That Make Maintenance Easier

Each one us loves home maintenance but not everyone knows how to fix some small problems that might shown up in a home. Such small problems such as rust, dirty swimming pools, and more, can take much of our time if we are not sure of what to do. This is the main reason I have compile these top seven home maintenance hacks to make the task easier for you.

1. Keep the Tuck Chalk in Your Toolbox to Stop Rust

You can keep the metal instruments and equipment in your toolkit without rust with writing board chalk. Does this work, seriously? Chalk is a dampness sucking material that traps sogginess. Keeping your metallic instruments and equipment together with chalk will reduce the dampness and reduce rusting. Remember, rusting can’t take place in a totally dry environment.

2. Shower Your Mower’s Blades to Keep Clippings from Sticking

If you have grass, cutting is one of those must-do drudgeries. Luckily, cooking splash can make the task issue free. At the point when connected to a trimmer’s undercarriage and edges, it can keep grass clippings from staying.

3. Hurl in a Tennis Ball to Clean Your Pool Water

Suntan creams, lotions, and body oils will leave an oily smooth on pool water. To clean, hurl in a crisp tennis ball. Its fluffy surface will splash up the oils your visitors abandoned and keep your swimming pool clean! Surprised? It’s a hack, and it works.

4. Utilize Painter’s Tape for a Perfect Caulk Job

To many DIYers, applying caulk in clean, straight lines appears like an unimaginable errand. Be that as it may, it’s entirely simple if you utilize painter’s tape.

5. Snatch a Makeup Sponge to Repair Drywall Holes

“This is impossible!” you say.


Ordinarily, work or paper tape is employed to fill little openings in drywall. Be that as it may, a restorative wipe will take care of this activity as well. Simply stuff it into the gap (you may need to pare it down) and spackle. You’ll locate the whole instructional exercise here.

6. Utilize Your Drill to Clean a Grimy Tub

It takes a considerable measure of elbow oil to profound clean a dirty bathtub — unless you use a cordless bore with a froth ball cleaning connection. Connections like these were intended to be intense on grime without scratching surfaces.

7. Apply Nail Polish to Fill a Hole in Your Window

Perhaps you haven’t heard of such a thing, but I can assure you it works. Have you found a minor gap in your glass window? Repair it with clear nail clean. Apply a coat then sit tight for it dry. Rehash those means until the layers of clear nail clean are flush with the glass surface.


If you learn these incredible home maintenance hacks, you will feel more secure in your home, save money, and save time. These tips don’t require expensive materials and professional skills: they are simple hacks to make your home maintenance tasks easier.

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